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  • 19 February 2019 1:11 PM | Anonymous


    Please click the blue icon above to read how our Sponsors can help your business.

    We are very pleased to announce that Kreston Reeves are continuing their support for businesses on the park and sponsoring LBP again this year.  Please click here to view how Kreston Reeves can help you.

    LBP are very grateful that Parafix are continuing to sponsor LBP after many years of great support.  Please click here to view more about Parafix's  products and services.

    Damian Pulford, our LBP Chairman has confirmed his sponsorship of LBP to further support our projects. Please click here to view how Sussex Transport can help with your Transport and Training needs.

    Peter Raynsford MD of the 5Rings Group has confirmed their sponsorship of LBP. Please click here to view how 5Rings can support your IT, Telecom, Marketing, Energy and Security needs.

    Devonshire Recruitment Agency have also confirmed their sponsorship. Please click here to view how Devonshire Recruitment Agency can support your Recruitment needs.

    If you would you like your business to benefit from the following Sponsor benefits:

    • Logo & hyperlink on the homepage
    • Company photo in rotating banner on homepage & link to Company’s profile page
    • Introduction & photo on the Profiles page & link to Company’s profile page
    • 500-word Profile, Photo, Logo and hyperlink on a dedicated Company profile page
    • Use of LBP Sponsor Logo with hyperlink back Company Profile page
    • Logo & hyperlink on the LBP News Emails 
    • Logo & hyperlink on the LBP BID Manager Emails
    • Company Articles in LBP News Emails and LBP Social Media 
    • Company Pop-Up Banner at LBP AGM
    • A Company Stand or Pop-Up Banner at an LBP Networking Event 
    Please contact Suzy on 07584 503729 or via email at

  • 01 February 2019 9:02 AM | Anonymous

    A report has just come in that the corner of Chartwell Road and Spencer Road is particularly icy this morning. Please drive with real care at this junction.

  • 01 February 2019 8:16 AM | Anonymous

    We are pleased to report that the roads are currently passable across the business park, but care is needed. No further snow is forecast today, but rain is expected late afternoon which could lead to ice on the roads.To view the latest weather forecast please click here

    To keep up to date with West Sussex County Council's gritting announcements please follow @WSHighways ‏on Twitter.

    For details of Lancing Business Park's Winter Management Guidelines please click here

  • 31 January 2019 10:24 AM | Anonymous

    Please note that snow is forecast from 7pm today and into Friday, to view the latest weather forecast please click here

    West Sussex County Council (WSCC) are planning to treat all gritting routes from 7pm onwards. To keep up to date with WSCC's announcements please check here or follow @WSHighways ‏on Twitter.

    For details of Lancing Business Park's Winter Management Guidelines please click here

  • 28 January 2019 2:52 PM | Anonymous

    We are pleased to announce the launch of LBP's new Sponsorship Scheme. 

    LBP actively welcomes businesses based on and off the park to sponsor the BID and take advantage of additional BID benefits. LBP have been busy refreshing the LBP website to provide an effective marketing tool. We hope this will enable commercialisation for the benefit of businesses on the park, with all income raised being reinvested into BID activities.

    LBP have agreed a set of Sponsorship Principals which we hope will help with any questions you may have. Please click here for further information. 

    Businesses based on Lancing Business Park now have the opportunity to become an LBP Sponsor for £500 + Vat each year and in return will receive the following additional benefits:

    • Logo & hyperlink on the homepage
    • Company photo in rotating banner on homepage & link to Company’s profile page
    • Introduction & photo on the Profiles page & link to Company’s profile page
    • 500-word Profile, Photo, Logo and hyperlink on a dedicated Company profile page
    • Use of LBP Sponsor Logo with hyperlink back Company Profile page
    • Logo & hyperlink on the LBP News Emails 
    • Logo & hyperlink on the LBP BID Manager Emails
    • Company Articles in LBP News Emails and LBP Social Media 
    • Company Pop-Up Banner at LBP AGM
    • A Company Stand or Pop-Up Banner at an LBP Networking Event 

    Businesses not based on Lancing Business Park are also welcome to apply to become Official LBP Sponsors for £1000 + Vat each year, with a comprehensive External Sponsor Package available.

    If you have an questions or you would like further information on becoming an LBP Sponsor, please contact Suzy on 07584 503729 or via email at

  • 09 January 2019 4:16 PM | Anonymous

    Only 3 Team Spaces Left:

  • 01 November 2018 8:55 AM | Anonymous

    We are pleased to report that LBP received three competitive tender submissions for the new grounds maintenance contract, which commenced today and will run for the duration of the BID expiring on 31st August 2023. After a thorough tender selection panel meeting, attended by Damian Pulford of Sussex Transport, Euan Cameron of Parafix and Maurice Lee of UK Packaging the contract was awarded to CJS Landcapes Ltd. 

    Full consideration was given to all tenders with CJS Landscape scoring higher, due to their extensive experience, excellent service and flexibility. The new contract will enable grounds maintenance of the common areas across the business park, to take place at weekends to minimise disruption to businesses, maximise opportunity to undertake the works fully and minimise risks. 

  • 21 September 2018 3:05 PM | Anonymous
    After the very successful Renewal Ballot result, Lancing Business Park BID has now renewed for its 3rd 5year BID Term, which will run until 1st August 2023. Lancing Business Park BID is pleased to open an invitation to tender for their new 5 year Grounds Maintenance Contract. For further details please click here

    Please note that tender proposals need to be submitted by email to by:  

    5pm on 19th October 2018.

  • 28 March 2018 10:54 AM | Anonymous

    Are you are business based on Lancing Business Park?

    If so, please can you complete the 2018 Lancing Business Park BID Survey.

    Lancing Business Park BID Committee feels it is essential to the success of the BID for businesses to please share thoughts with us, so that we can fully consider issues affecting businesses on the park.  

    The information submitted in this online survey will enable the BID Committee to design services to meet current and future business needs. Please rest assured that we will keep any sensitive issues confidential and we will do our very best to cover as many issues as possible for you.        

    We've kept the survey brief and it should only take around 5 minutes to complete. We openly welcome any feedback that you have and ask that you please encourage any surrounding business to also complete the survey asap.  

    Please click the link below to complete the survey:  

          2018 LBP BID SURVEY

    Many thanks

    Suzy Bastable, BID Manager

    Email: Tel: 07584 503729    

  • 15 March 2018 12:43 PM | Tracie Davey

    Lancing Business Park

    Annual General Meeting 8th March 2018        

    Dear Businesses,

    What a busy week we had last week, but it was great to meet so many of you last Wednesday when I handed out the latest LBP BID invoices. At least it was only a partial invoice from April till August, with a second invoice maybe due in September for the rest of the financial year.

    On Thursday, Lancing Business Park Members gathered at the impressive Experience Centre at Eschmann House for the 2018 LBP AGM.        


    Members were treated to a wonderful spread sponsored by Clayton Morris at the Pit Stop (on the Shoreham Vehicle Auction site) and kindly served by Clayton and Emily. 


    Members were then welcomed upstairs to Eschmann's Bramber and Chichester Suites, by Damian Pulford from Sussex Transport, the now appointed Chairman of LBP.

    Damian explained how during his 20 years on Lancing Business Park he has witnessed the transformation that the LBP BID has made to the business park, creating a vibrant and attractive business area to operate from. Damian thanked Mike Punter from Parafix for being instrumental in these changes and developing the LBP BID to the successful partnership that it is today. Damian also thanked Linda Stopp for her contribution to the BID and wished her a happy retirement, along with Darren Holloway from RRD, for his years of service on the BID Committee, as Darren is now part-time, he is unfortunately no longer available on Committee days.

    Damian then introduced Paul Moore, Head of Operations for Bidfood, to give an update on their 65,000sqft development in Chartwell Road. 

    Paul talked members through the development layout, progress to date and operational hours. Explaining that they will commence in September with 50 staff on site and 7 loading bays to service 21 HGVs and 3 vans. Bidfood have developed the site to ensure all their vehicles will be accommodated on site, to minimise impact to the business park, providing 47 HGV parking spaces and 82 car parking spaces to enable future on site expansion. Before you ask, yes we have asked if Bidfood will consider leases spaces, but unfortunately this is not something Bidfood will be able to do.

    I then gave an update on each of the four LBP projects - Access, Clean-up, Connect and Safe. Explaining how 1.5 tonnes of paper and card is collected free each week to be recycled, all the work Linda Stopp undertook before her retirement in December 2017, the Grounds Maintenance contract work undertaken by Mike Nea from CJS Landscapes and the projects I have covered since joining in January this year e.g. the deep clean of Marlborough Road Car Park, ridding the business park of three caravans and removal of numerous abandoned vehicles. I am very pleased to report that finally today, we have a business park free of abandoned vehicles, maximising available parking spaces on the business park. 

    Peter Raynsford from 5 Rings then gave an update on LBP's CCTV network, explaining that capacity has been increased from the original 7 cameras to 29 cameras, now giving coverage across the whole park. Peter's team have also provided CCTV footage to the Police which led to Police action, helping to further deter future incidents.

    I must also add that Peter has delivered this network upgrade with a 75% efficiency on the original operating costs and expanded the network to enable future cameras to be added if needed.

    Euan Cameron from Parafix, the LBP Company Secretary kindly gave an entertaining rundown of the BID's company finances. I have two apologies to make to Euan, firstly for surprising him with a few more slides than he was expecting and secondly for enjoying his presentation so much, that I forget to get up to take any photos of him. Here is a photo of Euan deep in conversation with Mike at the start of the evening instead.

    We then thanked the 2017 BID Committee, who duly stepped down and members approved the proposed 2018 BID Committee, sadly without Darren Holloway from RRD and Mike Punter, as he has retired from the LBP BID Committee, but can still be found at Parafix, when he is not in Cheshire or at his Eastern Europe operations.

    I then explained that in July this year, the LBP BID will go to ballot to decide if the BID should continue when the current term expires on 31st August 2018. The official ballot day is 12th July 2018 with the results being announced on 13th July 2018. I also explained that I will be launching a LBP Survey in the next few weeks, to help identify what services would help businesses on the park over the next five years. Please can I ask that as many of you as possible please complete the survey, as the information submitted will form the basis of the 2018-2023 LBP BID Business Plan and we want to make sure that all your comments are considered fully.

    The lovely Elizabeth Baxter from Care for Veterans thanked all members on the business park for their assistance, participation and generosity over the past year. With particular mention of Linda Stopp and Lawrence Boon at Fizz for all their support and expertise. Elizabeth explained that they have rebranded from Queen Alexandra Hospital Home to Care for Veterans, as they feel this better portrays what their charity does.

    The BID Committee then proposed that Care for Veterans be retained as LBP Charity for a further year, as it was felt that LBP could  really help during the charity's transitional period.

    I would just like to say a big thank you to Ray Wood and Clive Stoner from Eschmann Equipment for providing such a wonderful venue and to Clayton Morris from The Pit Stop, for providing and serving the lovely food. To Paul Moore from Bidfood for sharing their development news with us, Peter Raynsford for all his hard work on the LBP CCTV and to Euan Cameron for making sure LBP BID's finances are recorded accurately and effectively. 

    If you would like to know more about any of the items I have mentioned above, please click the presentation slide below to view the full AGM presentation. Please note this presentation opens much quicker using Chrome :


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