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First established in 1830, Eschmann has been at the forefront of innovation in healthcare for almost 200 years. We moved onto Lancing Business Park over 70 years ago and continue to take pride in providing high quality products manufactured locally.

Our aim is to provide healthcare industries and workplaces in general with the equipment and consumables they need to help guarantee a gold-standard of infection control, supplying effective, accessible solutions that can be utilised across business settings. We also support these products with an exceptional service offering – Care & Cover.

Utilising a wealth of knowledge and expertise, Eschmann is a trusted name in infection control and continues to push the industry forward with exceptional solutions.


For over 60 years, Eschmann has been developing and manufacturing autoclaves for sterilising healthcare instruments. Today, our market-leading Little Sister brand of autoclaves is known for its reliability and is highly respected across multiple industries.

Our autoclaves are designed with decades of knowledge and experience behind them to guarantee complete compliance with optimal efficiency and minimal down time.


Eschmann offers customers two different washer disinfector models for cleaning and disinfecting healthcare instruments. From a smaller, benchtop system to a larger, free-standing system with specific configurations for both dental and animal health settings, our washer disinfectors are a trusted way to take infection control processes to the next level.


Eschmann also offer Miele laundry systems for healthcare settings. Our range of Miele washers and dryers are long-lasting, feature fast cycles and enable professionals to launder uniforms, scrubs and reusable PPE items such as aprons onsite, further helping to reduce the chance of cross-contamination.


Our one-of-a-kind service offering is available for equipment supplied by Eschmann.*

Care & Cover includes regular maintenance, complete breakdown cover and additional perks such as Enhanced CPD User Training. With this, an expert Eschmann engineer will come to the practice and teach staff members how to best operate, maintain and understand our systems, giving everyone the knowledge and experience they need to ensure compliance.


Utilising patented plasma air disinfection technology, Novaerus Protect units are scientifically proven to kill and deactivate all airborne microorganisms on contact, including COVID-19. These units require no installation, produce no harmful by-products, have low energy requirements, and don’t require any replacement filters or components, making them an ideal option for all workspaces.


To support everyday infection control, Eschmann offers a comprehensive selection of consumables. From hand sanitiser, to cleaning wipes for surfaces and equipment – we make keeping on top of daily infection control easy.

Our selection of testing and validation products also contains everything businesses need to help guarantee that their infection control equipment remains fully compliant in line with local guidance.

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*Not including Novaerus

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