Thankfully Sunday 9th January 2022 was a dry day and enabled WSCC Highways contractors to commence implementation of the LBP Community Highway Scheme, alongside the LBP Big Clean whilst the park was clear of as many vehicles as possible. 


The main aim for Sunday 9th January was to install the 3 new areas of HGV waiting/ loading bays, providing 5 artic sized spaces for HGVs to park whilst waiting to load/unload for businesses across the park. This essential new measure has been designed to remove the need to HGVs to park on pavements whilst waiting to access sites, thus removing access, pedestrian and junction obstructions across the park. All 3 loading bay area have been restricted to HGV one hour waiting, between 6am and 6pm to ensure they are available throughout the day.  Already we are seeing huge improvements as HGV get used to this new provision.

Please see below photos from the day to show how the bays were created and where they are located.

We are pleased to confirm that the loading bay signage was installed on Friday 21st January 2022, ensuring the bays are now fully operational and subject to enforcement action by the Traffic Wardens. We ask that businesses please share these bays by sticking to the one hour restriction, to keep the business park flowing throughout the day and to avoid the need for HGVs to wait on pavements.

To view a map of the new loading bay locations please click here


51 highway issues have been highlighted across the park since the 2019 LBP Highway Consultation was launched, many regarding blocked accesses and junction visibility. A key aim of the LBP Community Highway Scheme was to consolidate many of the issues, to identify areas which would benefit from additional double yellow lines to remove the issues raised. LBP worked in partnership with WSCC Highways to review each of the issues and determine where best to implement new double yellow lines, whilst balancing the need to retain parking spaces across the park. 

WSCC Highways then invested considerable officer time and budget to gain court approval, to amend the Traffic Regulation Orders on the business park for the revised scheme.  As a result, on Sunday 9th January 2022 new double yellow lines were painted in Commerce Way, Chartwell Road and Marlborough Road to remove access and junction obstructions. LBP can confirm that these new double yellow lines are now enforceable by the Traffic Wardens and we ask businesses to please not park over these lines. 


On Sunday 9th January 2022, the contractors also removed various areas of double yellow lines in Chartwell Road, Marlborough Road and Blenheim Road to create new parking spaces to help counteract the new double yellow lines being implemented. The business park has a history of suffering from a lack of parking spaces which LBP has been working hard to address, by ensuring abandoned vehicles are quickly removed from the park and identifying vehicles parked long-term, especially those which are unrelated to LBP businesses. It was therefore key for LBP to work with WSCC Highways to identify areas which could be bought back into use under the LBP Community Highway Scheme, to provide replacement car parking across the park.

The LBP Community Highway Scheme has also provided a one hour non-HGV waiting bay for 3 cars/vans in Chartwell Road just prior to the Spencer Road junction. LBP asks that businesses please retain this bay for non-HGV use to enable cars and vans to wait when needed.



Another key issue highlighted in the 2019 LBP Highway Consultation was the danger and issues caused by vehicles driving the wrong way around the Chartwell Road one-way system, often coming face to face with HGVs causing crashes and blocking the road. Chartwell Road has a constant flow of vehicles and was designated a one-way system to ensure safe and flowing traffic, to service the numerous businesses who use this access. Visitors and deliveries to the park are frequently found to be travelling the wrong way, as they miss the one-way highway signs.

WSCC Highways kindly extended the LBP Community Highway Scheme to include white painted directional arrows in the middle of Chartwell Road at each access point, to clearly warn vehicles of the mandatory direction of travel. With confusion now removed and clear guidance visible, LBP are now able to use their network of 30 CCTV cameras to record vehicles travelling the wrong way and pass this information for action to be taken. We ask that all motorist please help to keep the business park safe and accessible by adhering to the Chartwell Road one-way system and avoid the need for action to be taken.


LBP are very grateful that WSCC Highways extended the LBP Community Scheme to include repainting all the junctions across the park to assist with the one-way issues and safety concerns, especially considering that Learner Drivers start and end their driving tests on the park. WSCC Highways contractors undertook these works in the week following the 9th January 2022 and also repainted the disabled bay in Commerce Way.


To help ensure safety on the business park, WSCC Highways also included a full refresh of the existing double yellow lines on public highways across the park. These works have been phased over the last few months in preparation for the LBP Community Highway Scheme and were completed on 20th January 2022.

The Community Highway Scheme is now complete and represents three years of partnership working and support from partners and WSCC Highways.

LBP would like to thank:

  • LBP businesses for sharing their highway issues and helping to identify solutions.
  • Cllr. Ann Bridges for finding the time to tour the business park, appreciate business highway issues and support LBP in raising awareness of the need for change.
  • WSCC Highways for:
    • Understanding the impact these issues had on LBP businesses and safety on the business park
    • Working with LBP to identify long-term solutions
    • Supporting business operations and growth by funding and resourcing the LBP Community Highway Scheme
    • Extending the LBP Community Highway Scheme to provide a comprehensive improvement to safety on the business park
    • Their continued support.
  • WSCC Highways Contractors - 
    • Landbuild Ltd for wonderfully managing the project implementation 
    • Central Line Marketing for their understanding and hard work.

If you would like to view the LBP Community Highway Scheme Consultation details please click here

If you would like to discuss anything contained within this project please call Suzy Bastable, LBP BID Manager on 07584 503729

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