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LBP are very pleased to announce the 2023 LBP BID Ballot was a resounding success!

96.9% of BID Levy Payers who voted were in favour of progressing to our 4th BID Term, with 99.3% of the aggregated Rateable Value also in favour and a 51.9% overall turnout.

Damian Pulford, Lancing Business Park BID Chairman said:

"This is excellent news and the BID is grateful for all the support received. Your support has enabled LBP to continue to provide BID services and help develop our clean, safe, accessible and connected working environment. We look forward to working together during our 4th BID Term for all our benefit."

To view the Declaration of Ballot Result please click here

The 4th BID Term commenced on 1st September 2023 and will run until 31st March 2028.


Adur District Council approved the 2023-2028 LBP BID Proposal and issued the following Notice of Ballot to enable LBP to progress to Ballot:

2023 - 2028 BUSINESS PLAN

We are also pleased to share our 2023 - 2028 LBP Business Plan with you, which will give you a flavour of the work LBP has been undertaking and where we are now. 

We are very grateful to the 90 respondents who completed the 2022/23 LBP BID Survey, as the information provided has formed the basis of this Business Plan. The feedback received has enabled us to review our services and support, to ensure they are fit for purpose and meet current business needs. Please click the image to view the full version of the Business Plan.

Alternatively to view a double sided, one page summary of the BID Summary which folds into an A5 leaflet please click here

2023 - 2028 BID LEVY PER ANNUM

  £RV                         BID Levy    Hereditaments

  8,501-    14,000         £212.50            42    

  14,001-   75,000        £425.00          121

  75,001-  140,000        £637.50           17

  140,000+                   £2125.00            9

            Total Hereditaments:             189

Damian Pulford, Chairman of LBP said  "A 'Yes' vote in the upcoming BID Ballot is a vote to enable the good work to continue and for the BID to develop and expand the services provided to help our businesses succeed. Please could all BID Levy Payers return their ballot papers, as without your vote the BID could end and all the good work could end along with it."


Adur District Council have appointed Civica Electoral Reform Services to independently conduct the BID Ballot via postal vote. Please see below the ballot timetable:

 13th June 2023 -   Despatch of Ballot Paper

 14th June 2023 -   First Day of Ballot

 3rd July 2023 -      Latest Date to Appoint Proxy

 7th July 2023 -      Replacement Ballot Papers Issue Deadline

 8th July 2023 -       Latest Date to Cancel Proxy

 13th July 2023 -    Close of Ballot at 5pm

 14th July 2023 -    Issue of Result by 5pm


If the ballot is successful, the fourth LBP BID Term will commence on 1st September 2023 and end on 31st March 2028.


To ensure the BID services and support offer additionality and do not subsidise or substitute the current local authority provision, LBP has obtained Baseline Agreements from West Sussex County Council and Adur District Council. These Baseline Agreements state the services provided by each authority as at May 2023. Please click the images below to view the full Baseline Agreement:                                                                                                                                                                




If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact:

Suzy Bastable,

BID Manager for Lancing Business Park

Tel: 07584 503729


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