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Have your IT totally taken care of by Northstar IT.

Our whole world is installing, maintaining and repairing IT systems so we are highly experienced and have all the expertise we need to look after all your computer and network requirements.  Whether you have one or two computers in your office or a large network, we can look after your hardware and software to keep it performing for you the way it should.

Here for You

Being based in the Lancing Business Park means we are no more than seven minutes’ walk away from any Lancing Business Park based business.  This means when you have an IT problem, we can be there in a flash to fix it.  We know this is important because businesses are so reliant on computers now that a serious IT issue can stop businesses completely.  That’s why we do everything we can to sort these problems out so quickly to get you back up and running.

Total IT Care

Whether you need a few niggles in your system sorting out or a whole new office’s worth of computer equipment supplied and installed, we are there for you.  Our wide range of support packages mean we can come out to fix problems as and when they occur or we can take total care of your whole IT network to keep it working at it optimum level to minimise downtime, slowdowns and other issues.  You can absolutely come to us with a task or problem you need an IT solution for and we can recommend the best hardware and/or software to fulfil your needs then install it and help you use it to get the most out of it.  We essentially work like an in-house IT department would for a big business but for small businesses (and not in-house, obviously, just around the corner instead).

Cloud Services

Smaller businesses don’t have room for big servers but may still have people working remotely or the need to store lots of data.  That’s why cloud based systems are so helpful.  You get all the storage you need, the ability for people to work collaboratively in different locations and the added security/disaster recovery ability of having things cloud based rather than on physical servers at your premises.  We can completely support businesses who want to go more cloud based but aren’t sure how or where to start.  Our team can help you set up just cloud storage or just email or any number of cloud based services you want and advise you on the most helpful ones for your business.

Being a small locally based company, rather than part of some big group, means we understand small business and care enough to put ourselves out for you.  We’ve been around since 1999 so have accrued a huge amount of experience in helping all kinds of businesses get the most out of their IT so we’re always pleased to hear from you whatever type of business you are and no matter how big or small your IT requirements are.

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