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LBP would like to apologise for the period of quiet since the LBP Road Improvements announcement in May 2024, this has been necessary whilst LBP worked with West Sussex Highways to determine the best course of action for the park.

Let’s start with the bad news… the resurfacing preparation works in May 2024 unfortunately showed the combination of constant rain and heavy HGV movements has taken an awful toll on the substructure of Chartwell Road, causing much more damage than originally surveyed back in Spring 2023. As a result of these findings, the planned high-spec material was unlikely to have any longevity on top of the damaged substructure and therefore the full park closure on 25th August 2024 has now been cancelled.

Here is the good news… over the past couple of months West Sussex Highways has been working with FM Conway (infrastructure specialist) to consider the best approach. A new plan has now been agreed to address the substructure issues and lay an interim surface in the plating throughout the park, to provide a sound substruction and level surface by the end of this summer.

West Sussex Highways will manage the budget as carefully as possible and if possible, will include a new drainage gully in Commerce Way and the resurfacing of Commerce Way and Spencer Road by the end of this year. Both these roads do not have a concrete substructure to contend with, but will require test drilling to check they are sufficiently stable to ensure the longevity of the resurfacing works. West Sussex Highways then plan to apply for further funding in next year’s budget to fully resurface Chartwell Road, Marlborough Road and Blenheim Road with an even higher-spec. surfacing material, to provide longevity for the park.

West Sussex Highways are confident that this new plan will provide a sound and long-lasting solution to the road surfacing issues across the park and LBP are committed to helping in any way possible to minimise impact to businesses during these vital works. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call LBP on 07584 503729 or email:


This new plan will unfortunately take more work than previously expected but these are vital works for the park. LBP has met with West Sussex Highways and FM Conway to discuss the least impacting approach possible. LBP are very pleased to report that Dave Cunningham who is leading this project for FM Conway, was on the park at 7am on the day of the crash. Dave kindly jumped into action to help direct the traffic whilst the emergency services saved the driver’s life. Dave then witnessed firsthand the impact of closing the one-way system and fully appreciates why this needs to be avoided at all costs.

As the required works are extensive in Chartwell Road and we need to make the most of the budget available, LBP has helped design a way to enable daytime working with minimal impact. Firstly, the works have been scheduled during school holidays when traffic on the park is naturally lower. Permits have now been approved for daytime working from:

5th August to 30th August 2024 – Substructure Works in Chartwell Road

Please rest assured these will not be like conventional roadworks as FM Conway have guaranteed the following measures will be in place:

  • Only one lane of the one-way system will be closed at a time to enable constant flow of traffic. This may require parking to be suspended at certain times, but this will be carefully managed.
  • LBP will meet with FM Conway before works commence and each Thursday during the works, to ensure full information is shared with businesses through the LBP News before each area of works commence.
  • Any works planned around a site access will be discussed beforehand to minimise impact to the businesses.
  • The works to fill areas of plating with an interim surface will be carefully planned and staffed to avoid causing further impact.
  • Driving plates will be used where necessary to reopen sections of road quickly.
  • The resurfacing of Commerce Way and Spencer Road will be fully planned and communicated before works commence.

More details will be shared as soon as possible.


In the 2022/23 LBP BID Survey, 65.6% of businesses who responded stated that the condition of road surfaces on the park required improvement, making this by far the highest priority issue for the BID to address. LBP would like to thank all businesses who responded to the survey, as this feedback provided clear evidence of the issue and impact the roads were having on businesses and staff. To view the outcome of the 2022/23 LBP BID Survey please click here

Over the past fifteen months, LBP has been working with West Sussex Highways to raise the priority of this issue, whilst monitoring road surfaces and quickly reporting all qualifying potholes. LBP would like to thank West Sussex Highways for their constant pothole repairs, as the weather causes more and more potholes to form and deepen. The weather and constant HGV movements on the park have also caused the tarmac to erode in numerous areas, displaying the concrete base. This is known as 'Plating' and is unfortunately not deep enough to be considered as a pothole requiring repair.

West Sussex Highways reviewed the LBP BID Survey feedback and therefore assessed each public road on the park. In May 2023 West Sussex Highways laid a protection layer over Winston Road, as this was found to be the only road surface on the park which was still intact. Since the Winston Road works, West Sussex Highways has worked tirelessly to secure the budget to address the rest of the public highways on the park.

In May 2024, West Sussex Highways announced they had received final budget approval for their 2024/25 Highway Work Programme, which includes full resurfacing of the following public highways on the park:

·         Commerce Way

·         Marlborough Road

·         Chartwell Road

·         Spencer Road

·         Blenheim Road

To view details of the 2024/25 Highway Work Programme please click here

The full resurfacing works were then announced to improve vehicle and cycling safety across the park and included repair of the recurring potholes, failing joints seals and edges, and resolving the plating issues. To improve the life of these repairs, West Sussex Highways ordered two layers of high-spec surfacing which has been found more resistant to HGV movements than regular tarmac.

West Sussex Highways are also looking at whether the following works could be included:

·         Long lasting line marking paint to ensure line markings remain intact as long as possible.

·         An additional drain gully in Commerce Way to resolve the perpetual puddle just east of the Commerce Way/ Marlborough Road junction and speed up drainage  to help prevent flooding.

Further information will be posted here as we receive it, but if you have any questions please email LBP at or call 07584 503729.

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