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Parafix engineered adhesive solutions

Parafix has over 45 years’ experience and a lot to offer when it comes to creating a bespoke adhesive solutions. Our experience has spanned many challenging applications and a variety of markets, of which we have acquired extensive knowledge.

We offer a wide range of specialist tapes to satisfy the growing range of applications in which adhesive tapes are used. We source adhesive tapes, foams, films, foils and other complementary materials from world leading suppliers for the highest quality and best performing products.

Using the latest in converting technology, we convert these adhesive tapes and non-adhesive materials into custom components and can combine materials from any supplier to create a unique tape construction such as:

·        Double Sided

·        Single Sided

·        Medical Grade

·        Foam and Rubber

·        Thermal Management

·        Electrical Insulation

·        EMI and RFI Shielding

·        Venting & Filtration

Since our early days of adhesive tape distribution, we have seen and been part of the huge growth in demand for self-adhesive materials. In 1971 we were one of the first to see the opportunity to reduce customers’ assembly times by customising tapes into bespoke shapes and adding complementary materials to these products to solve further design challenges.

For our customers, we’re the number one choice speciality tape converter as we build long-term relationships to fully understand our customers' needs.  We provide customers with the optimum solution from product life-cycles; design and prototyping stage to full production and assembly, identify which of our services they could benefit from and further opportunities for streamlining their designs and manufacturing processes.

Parafix is a British owned company with purpose-built offices and manufacturing facilities in Lancing. We also own purpose-built offices and manufacturing facilities in Budapest, Hungary. From the UK we primarily service our Western European markets and from Hungary, our Central and Eastern European markets. We also have sales representatives in Poland and Romania. Our focus is on servicing these European markets, but our reach is global and we export to over 50 countries.

Our adhesive components can be found in a vast range of industries and applications and it is possible that you will come into contact with one of them up to 30 times a day, for example, in your car, mobile phone, an aeroplane you travelled in or a hospital you visited.

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