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Briant Broadband was established in 2020 at the height of the pandemic to service a need which we had identified in Adur and Worthing; that of reliable, high speed, affordable wireless and Full Fibre broadband.

Unlike all the big brand name broadband providers we are a Worthing based company, and we believe that being local makes all the difference. When you call us you won’t be speaking to a call centre hundreds, or thousands of miles away, we are right on your doorstep. Being local gives us many advantages, not least being able to promise to have our customers connected within 48 hours of agreeing to take up our service and resolving any issues with local engineers.

Another advantage to our customers is that we are not simply a reseller of larger companies' products, we have deployed our own infrastructure through obtaining OFCOM Code Powers and Permitted Infrastructure Access (PIA) enabling us to utilise Openreach Ducts and Poles.  This makes us responsible end to end rather than a pass-through service like most other local service providers. In addition, we have partnered with City Fibre to be the only genuinely local Internet Service Provider utilising their Full Fibre network being deployed in Worthing.

Being a small local company, we know our business very well.  Our directors all have years of hands-on experience in installing fibre optic networks and wireless communication solutions, so they know what is deliverable and how it’s done. As well as the directors, our team of installation engineers have experience of successfully establishing and servicing wireless and fibre networks.

What does all this mean to our customers?

This all means that our customers get an unrivalled choice of packages to suit both their broadband needs and their budget. We do not have contracts so our customers can:

  • FLEXIBLY increase or decrease the package to suit their broadband requirements and do this without worrying about admin fees.
  • PAUSE the service if the customer is going to be away from home for 30 days or more. Why should anyone pay for something they are not using?

Who are our customers?

Other than supplying Broadband and VOIP telephony services to Residential and Business customers, we specialise in providing bespoke Broadband solutions to landlords, property management companies & residents committees who are then able to include Broadband as part of the service package to their residents / tenants. That means being connected to Superfast and Ultrafast broadband as soon as a new resident moves in, so not having to look around for a new contract, and not having engineers from any number of companies needing access to homes and service areas. Instead, the property manager only deals with one trusted firm.

We are also fully accredited on the DCMS Rural Gigabit Scheme to connect rural UK.

If you want to do business with a small firm of experts who offer ‘good old fashioned local customer service’ we would love to hear from you.

To find out more about our business and get in touch please visit our website by clicking here.


In a groundbreaking move that marks a major milestone in the evolution of digital connectivity in the business community, Briant Broadband is pleased to announce the successful connection of an unprecedented 2.5Gbps internet speed at Lancing Business Park, South Coast Gym. 

This ultra-fast broadband service not only sets a new standard for internet delivery in the area, but also demonstrates Briant Broadband's commitment to providing local businesses with fast, reliable internet services.

South Coast Gym, a fitness centre renowned for its state-of-the-art equipment and commitment to customer satisfaction, now has one of the fastest internet speeds in the region thanks to Briant Broadband. The upgrade is revolutionising the gym's operational capabilities, from streaming high-definition fitness classes to providing a seamless digital experience for staff and members.

Speed up your business: get ultrafast internet at Lancing Business Park with Briant Broadband today!

For more details on Briant Broadband's full fibre offerings for Lancing Business Park Members please click the image below:

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