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Lancing Business Park became a Business Improvement District (BID) in September 2008 to support businesses based on the park and provide a professional environment for businesses to thrive. In July 2018, BID Levy Payers on the park voted in favour of renewing the BID for a third, five-year term. The current BID Term commenced on 1st September 2018 with the following key projects: Safe, Access, Clean and Connect. 

The current BID Term is due to expire on 31st August 2023 and therefore it is essential for the BID (LBP) to consult with businesses on the park, to review BID services and determine future business needs.

An essential element of the BID process is for LBP to collate business feedback to help inform the business plan for the 2023 to 2028 LBP BID. 

LBP designed the 2022/2023 LBP BID Survey to enable businesses to let us know what we are doing well and what we need to work on, to enable the next BID Term to meet business needs.

LBP would like to thank the 90 respondents who kindly completed this survey, as sharing their thoughts has helped steer the BID in the right direction.

Your feedback is much appreciated!                      

The BID Survey is now closed. To view the outcome of the survey please click here


Over the past four years, LBP has been working hard to address business issues and provide services to support business on the park. Please see below a flavour of the work that LBP has undertaken:


  • Managed a network of 30 CCTV cameras across the park and liaised with businesses and the Police to help address issues, along with providing evidence and statements to support Police action
  • Encouraged a '20mph is Plenty’ ethos across the park
  • Co-ordinated a network of 16 public access defibrillators across the park 
  • Monitored the park throughout the pandemic to ensure it was well maintained and security issues were minimised
  • Worked with West Sussex Highways to address junction visibility and pavement issues, along with measures to reduce the number of vehicles travelling the wrong way around the one-way system
  • Provided Text Alerts to highlight safety/security risks to the park and worked with the Police and businesses to mitigate these risks
  • Monitored potholes and reported qualifying areas for repair
  • Arranged for a bollard to be installed in the pedestrian access in Elm Grove, to help prevent cars from driving through this access endangering pedestrians
  • Provided winter management guidelines and alerts
  • Assisted LBP businesses to communicate their emergency evacuation measures 
  • Co-ordinated emergency support for the 2020 fire in Chartwell Road. 


  • Helped address 51 highway issues raised by businesses on the park, working in partnership with West Sussex Highways to implementation the LBP Community Highway Scheme in January 2022 and one-to-one business support
  • Arranged for 5 new HGV loading/waiting bays to be provided to reduce the number of HGVs causing obstructions on the park
  • Helped address flooding issues in Blenheim Road, Peter Road, Winston Business Centre and Chartwell Road. Currently working with partners to address flooding in Commerce Way.
  • Helped address power cuts in Marlborough Road and currently working with UK Power Network to address power cuts in Commerce Way.
  • Worked with Adur & Worthing Council to remove abandoned vehicles from the park to free up parking spaces
  • Worked with individuals to deter long-term parking of vehicles on the park and parking of motorhomes
  • Worked with partners to retain the free parking provision in the Marlborough Road Car Park
  • Updated park signage to assist visitors and deliveries to the park
  • Provided Planning Comments to safeguard business operations on the park by supporting business expansion, negating risk from residential conversions and a proposed gas power station
  • Worked with City Fibre to accelerate the installation of Full Fibre across the park and currently working to minimise the impact of these works
  • Liaised with West Sussex Highways to reduce the impact of roadworks on the park and request a procedure be implemented to ensure at least one exit route from the park is always unobstructed.


  • Funded and managed a maintenance contract to upkeep the common areas of the park to help maintain a professional impression for clients, visitors and staff
  • Funded and managed the LBP Paper and Card Recycling Scheme, providing valuable savings to BID Levy Payers and encouraging recycling rates across the park
  • Funded and managed the annual LBP Big Clean Project to provide a deep clean of the roads and pavements across the park
  • Monitored the park daily and requested the prompt removal of litter, fly-tipping and dead birds
  • Worked with businesses to help reduce litter, waste, odour and pest issues across the park
  • Used the LBP CCTV to identify fly-tippers and worked with the Police and individuals to deter future incidents.


  • Provided an LBP BID Manager to manage the park, act as a central contact for businesses and to design/implement services, advice and solutions
  • Provided weekly LBP News updates to highlight support, issues and opportunities for businesses based on the park
  • Provided Coronavirus advice and support throughout the pandemic to assist businesses through this very difficult time 
  • Connected businesses via LBP social media channels
  • Provided funding advice to enable businesses to secure grant funding
  • Managed the LBP Website with a free online business directory, job and commercial property adverts, along with directional information for visitors and deliveries to the park 
  • Hosted free business events, meetings and workshops
  • Promoted Interpark-trading and discounts
  • Supported business growth plans and helped identify suitable expansion sites
  • Promoted Lancing Business Park as the second largest employment area in West Sussex
  • Prepared the LBP Looking to the Future discussion paper to encourage investment in the wider Lancing area
  • Encouraged new businesses on to the park, which has resulted in a current LBP Occupancy Rate of 99.4%
  • Helped address business, neighbour and resident issues
  • Liaised with landlords to design collaborative solutions to business issues
  • Attended local and regional business partnership meetings to highlight business issues to inform policies and support plans
  • Liaised with local education providers to communicate skill requirement and recruitment issues
  • Implemented an LBP Sponsorship Scheme which has raised £29,500 additional income to date. These funds have helped minimise costs for LBP BID Levy Payers, by balancing a planned shortfall in BID income and enabling investment in LBP Projects
  • Secured £8,428 of grant funding to further support LBP Projects.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact:

Suzy Bastable,

BID Manager for Lancing Business Park

Tel: 07584 503729


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