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  • 24 August 2017 10:59 AM | Tracie Davey

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  • 10 August 2017 1:49 PM | Tracie Davey

    People are being urged to have their say on plans to build 600 homes and a new Ikea superstore in Lancing.

    Adur District Council has received the proposal from New Monks Farm Development, which is a subsidiary of Brighton & Hove Albion FC, for the New Monks Farm site.

    In addition to the homes and superstore, the application also includes the planned creation of a new roundabout on the A27, a country park and school/community hub.

    Members of the public now have eight weeks to have their say on the plans with councillors making a decision later this year.

    More than 1,200 letters informing local residents will be sent out to residents in Lancing and Shoreham asking for their views on the application for the site.

    The full set of plans and supporting documents is also being uploaded onto the Adur and Worthing Councils website while a full hard copy will also available at the Shoreham Centre, Pond Road.

    James Appleton, Adur and Worthing Council’s Head of Planning and Development, said:

    “This is a complex detailed planning application which will affect thousands of people across Adur and beyond. For that reason, we are determined to allow as many as possible to see and comment on the proposal. As a result, we have extended the time that people can comment on the application from the usual three weeks to eight.

    “All of these comments will then be taken on board before the council takes a decision on the application possibly before the end of the year depending on when the council receives the inspector’s full report on Adur’s emerging Local Plan.”

    The application for the site, located between the east of the Mash Barn estate and to the north of Brighton & Hove Albion’s training ground and next to Shoreham Airport, is 1,200 pages long.

    It is described as a hybrid, which means some aspects are for full permission; while others are for outline, which requires a further detailed application at a later date.

    An illustrative masterplan brings the whole development together. It includes plans for:

    250 residential dwellings (full application);

    350 residential dwellings (outline application);

    32,900sqm of IKEA store (outline);

    relocation of travellers site with an additional two pitches (full);

    new A27 Roundabout at Sussex Pad junction, with associated access roads (full);

    28 hectares of Country Park (full);

    two football pitches for Brighton & Hove Albion training ground (full);

    school and community hub (outline)

    The residential part of the plan will include 30% affordable homes, which is in line with Adur District Council’s housing policy.

    The creation of a new roundabout replacing the Sussex Pad traffic light junction is separate to the ongoing A27 consultation run by Highways England, which includes alterations to the Grinstead Lane roundabout in Lancing.

    If approved, developers believe work could start on the site by 2019.

    Image: Artist impression of proposed New Monks Farm Development

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  • 10 August 2017 12:17 PM | Tracie Davey

    A long-term solution to the A27 is urgently needed if the region is to fulfill its potential, it was warned today.

    The call from the chairman of the body brought together to promote the Greater Brighton City Region economy comes as Highways England is part-way through an eight week consultation on making improvements to the heavily-congested stretch of road through Lancing and Worthing.

    Commenting on the plans, Cllr Andy Smith welcomed the promise of transport infrastructure investment from government, particularly with planned growth along the wider A27 corridor in the pipeline.

    However, he said he feared that the £69 million proposal did not go far enough in creating a lasting solution to the lack of capacity on this major east-west route and called for other options to be part of the consultation.

    Cllr Smith, chairman of the Greater Brighton Economic Board, said:

    “The A27 is crucial to the wider Greater Brighton area, not only as an arterial route for freight, but as the main east-west transport corridor for the 700,000 people that live in the City Region.

    “The right sort of investment in the few miles of highway through Worthing and Lancing could have a major impact on the Greater Brighton region as a whole, boosting growth and creating jobs.

    “While we do welcome Highways England wanting to invest in the area, it does appear that the proposed solution is far from the lasting one that residents and businesses have been pushing for in the last 20 years.

    “A failure to invest in our region’s infrastructure now can only set Greater Brighton back from reaching it’s full potential in the years to come.”

    Government officials have spent more than 20 years trying to find a solution to the lack of road and junction capacity on the A27, which is the only east-west trunk road south of the M25.

    The road through Lancing and Worthing is currently either single or narrow dual carriageway. This means it is heavily congested, particularly at Grove Lodge, Durrington Cemetery and Lyons Way.

    In 2015, the Government included the six kilometre stretch in Worthing and Lancing in its five year Road Investment Strategy, which states that “England’s strategic road network requires upgrading and improving to ensure...can support the nation in the 21st century”.

    A budget of between £50 million and £100 million was then allocated to the scheme as part of a package of investments along the A27 corridor from Arundel to east of Lewes.

    Highways England released its plan for Worthing and Lancing last month. Rather than producing a series of options, the only recommendation provided was to make changes to six junctions along the route.

    Within the documents, Highways England officials admitted that there would be no “significant improvements” brought about from the proposal, but added it was the only one which fell within the budget for the scheme.

    If approved, construction work could start in 2020 with work complete by 2022.

    Cllr Smith, who is also leader of Lewes District Council, said:

    “The Greater Brighton Economic Board is determined to lobby on behalf of residents and businesses to draw in government money and ensure it is spent wisely to boost growth across the region.

    “Whether people use to road for work, study or recreation, I urge everyone to look at the plans and have their say.”

    The consultation, which can be found on the Highways England website, will run until September 12.

  • 10 August 2017 11:47 AM | Tracie Davey

    There has been a recent increase in the use of corrosive substances such as acids and alkalis being used to  attack victims.  A substance could be in its original container or decanted into another to disguise it and/or weaponise it. The most common containers used to disguise are squeeze bottles, particularly Lucozade or Fruit Shoot plastic bottles, but many other types of container have been used.

    Please share the following with colleagues, centre management, security staff etc.
    General Advice

    • Wear gloves and eye protection
    • Ensure the emergency services have been called
    • Avoid getting contaminated
    • Do not conduct sniff tests of bottles
    • Request suspect bottles be placed on ground prior to approach
    • If attacked, use hands to cover your face and eyes

    First Aid                                         

    • Ensure own safety by wearing two pairs of nitrile gloves and, if available, goggles to prevent contamination of the first aider
    • Flush the affected area with water for 20 minutes ensuring the chemicals are being washed away from the area, and not onto other areas of the body or pooling
    • Remove contaminated clothing as soon as possible, being careful not to contaminate other areas unless the clothing is stuck. Do not pull stuck clothing -- pour the water over it. Remove jewellery if possible
    • Dressings or burns dressings should not be applied until the area has been flushed for the twenty minutes, after which time they can be applied if medical help has not arrived  
    • If the incident affects the eyes the minimum flushing time is ten minutes – up to 20 minutes – if the person cannot open their eyes the first aider should try and open the eyes for them if this can be done safely. It is important when flushing eyes to ensure the contamination is not spread to the other eye by positioning the person appropriately 

    This information has been kindly shared by Revo. To find out more about ATCMs Purple Flag programme click here.

  • 10 August 2017 10:18 AM | Tracie Davey

    Highways England are holding a public consultation about the A27 Worthing and Lancing improvements scheme between Wednesday 19 July and Tuesday 12 September 2017.

    Below is an invitation from Highways England who invite you to a business exhibition on Thursday 17th August 2017 to show you the proposals and ask for your views 

    Date: 17th August 2017 Venue: Chatsworth Hotel, 17-23 The Steyne, Worthing BN11 3DU  Time: 8am - 10am

    To register for the A27 Worthing & Lancing improvements business exhibition, please click here
    If you are unable to come, you may wish to visit one Highways England public consultation events listed here

    Please find your invitation below - click here to download as a PDF

  • 10 August 2017 10:07 AM | Tracie Davey

    We are thrilled to announce that the University of Chichester has been awarded Silver in the Teaching Excellence

    The Silver award recognises the quality of our teaching and the excellent experience we offer to students. Satisfaction with academic support among BME and disadvataged students is also recognised as a key strength.Framework (TEF). The TEF is the UK Government’s first assessment of teaching excellence in higher education. 

    Read more about the award here

  • 10 August 2017 9:52 AM | Tracie Davey


    Shoreham Street CollectionSaturday 12th

    Street collection in Shoreham


    Thames Path ChallengeSaturday 9th and Sunday 10th 

    Walk, jog or run 100, 50 or 25km from Putney Bridge to Henley. More than 3,000 challengers will take on the main Thames Path Challenge following England's greatest river. Visit for more information and to sign up!

    Horsham Quiz NightFriday 15th

    St John the Evangelist, Horsham. Tickets sold in shops and through office nearer the time. Organised by our Horsham Friends Group.

    Shoreham Quiz Night – Saturday 16th

    St Peter’s Church, Shoreham. Run by our Shoreham Friends Group. Tickets available nearer the time from our charity shops and the office.

    Horsham Flag Day - Saturday 30th

    Street Collection in Horsham. Please get in touch if you would like to help out by collecting on this day!


    Taylor Maid musical eveningSaturday 14th from 7.30pm

    Organised by the Goring Friends Group, held at the Warren Ballroom. Tickets £15.00 available from WCHP charity shops and by calling 01903 680740.

  • 20 July 2017 9:19 AM | Tracie Davey

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