LBP Pothole Audit

16 April 2021 6:00 AM | Anonymous

This week LBP completed a full audit of all the potholes, road cracks and pavement hazards across the park.



Many of the public highways on the park consist of a concrete base covered with a tarmac surface. When the tarmac breaks up it exposes the concrete causing shallow potholes to form.

The County Councils Safety Plus Policy states that potholes must exceed a depth of 40mm (golf ball) and a width of 150mm to qualify for repair. Unfortunately due to the concrete base, some of the potholes on the park do not exceed the depth requirement and therefore currently do not qualify for repair.

LBP has reported all the issues which appear to meet the County's requirements, along with seam cracking and pavement trip hazards. LBP has forwarded photographs of each issue for West Sussex Highways to consider.

West Sussex Highways have confirmed that they will be sending out a Highways Steward to review each of the issues reported and will raise repair works in accordance with their policy.

To read more about West Sussex Highway's policy please click here

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