The view of Lancing Business Park regarding the A27 Improvements Scheme.

21 September 2017 11:37 AM | Tracie Davey

I write as a business owner of Parafix Holdings Ltd whose Head Quarters are on the Business Park along with owners of other large companies who represent the Park on the A27 Working Group, namely Sussex Transport Ltd and Rabbit Waste Management Ltd.

Having read the Highways England proposal and attended the very many presentations, we reject outright their proposal, we are businesses that genuinely want to continue to operate from Lancing but our strong view is that the proposal will give us 2 years of chaos resulting in a loss of income and growth potential for a questionable benefit.

The haulage and transport firms on the Park believe if we are unable to achieve the obvious resolution to this challenge of tunnelling under the Downs, the only effective solution would be grade separation.

We as business owners are called to make capital expenditure decisions, recognise the additional cost but when we make such a call it has to be fit for purpose, even if the pay back is longer but sustainable.

Consideration must also be taken into account if the solution does not resolve the issue the larger companies will move away.

This proposal is seen as a cheap sticking plaster option. Please go back to the Government and restate the case for the budget to give us what we need.

We offer ourselves available to discuss this urgent matter further.

For your information, Lancing Business Park is a B.I.D. with 290 buildings, 250 companies employing 3,000 people.

Michael A Punter


Lancing Business Park Ltd

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