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16 December 2016 12:47 PM | Tracie Davey


We aim to get it right first time, and here's how 



At Tenkay Electronics, we are occasionally asked why we do not have 100% Inspection of our products. 100% Inspection is often seen as the only way to ensure that fault free, quality products reach the customer. This is not necessarily true with practitioners suggesting that 100% Inspection is only about 87% effective. This is just not good enough for us at Tenkay. Here we use a multipath approach to inspection and testing.

Shigeo Shingo is considered by many to have been the world's leading expert manufacturing practitioner and the force behind the Toyota Production System, Poka-yoke (Error Proof) and Just-In-Time methods.

In his opinion, there are three types of inspection and we use a combination of these three. He believes there is Judgement Inspection, inspections that discover defects; Informative Inspection, inspections that reduce defects; and finally, Source Inspection, inspections that eliminate defects.

To find out more about these inspection methods and how we put them into practice at Tenkay Electronics click here

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