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National BBC News Feature on LBP

10 November 2023 6:00 AM | Anonymous

One of LBP’s key priorities is to raise the profile of Lancing Business Park and the businesses who are based here. As a result of LBP’s promotional work, we have now developed a relationship with the BBC’s Economic News Crew.

LBP are very pleased to announce that BBC News has now completed two days of filming on the park, creating a Lancing Business Park news piece. Faisal Islam, BBC Economics Editor and his crew have prepared this piece to report on the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) announcement due today.

It is hoped this piece will feature on today’s 1pm, 6pm and 10pm National BBC News.

Unfortunately, it’s not guaranteed to air today, as this will depend on whether any global events hit the headlines, overriding the planned reporting schedule. LBP therefore have our fingers crossed that world events are calmer today and LBP businesses are rewarded with National BBC News coverage.

LBP wishes every business on the park could have been featured, but this only the start of this relationship and we hope to promote more businesses in the future. BBC News specified a business sector brief for LBP to work to and then selected from the list of potential businesses LBP submitted.

LBP would like to thank all businesses who agreed at short notice to be considered and special thanks to following businesses who were chosen as they wonderfully represented the park.

 Damian Pulford – LBP Chairman and MD of Sussex Transport represented LBP and explained the current economic climate in our area.

Dominic Boon, Finance Director for Fizz Creations in Commerce Way, explained the financial changes in global shipping and the retail sector.

Emily Sparrow – Finance Director for Paula Rosa Manhattan described the current economic climate in the manufacturing and construction industries.

David Barr – Co-Owner of Brighton Sausage Co at Wayside in Commerce Way detailed the impact of food price inflation on food manufacturing and the food retail sector.


Lucy Iago – Owner of Iagos Café in Marlborough Road, outlined the impact of rising costs on the catering industry and the reduction in customers disposable income.

With the nature of reporting, we have no idea which of these interviews will make it through editing, but LBP are very proud of all these brave business leaders, who spoke so eloquently on behalf of their business and the park.

Please keep an eye out, as LBP will be posting all the features aired as today progresses.

LBP businesses will receive news soon of a Brighton Sausage Co Member Offer for their high quality, high welfare English produce, including Ethical Bronze Turkeys for Christmas.

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