LBP 531ft Abseil Raised £1,984 For Local Charities

15 September 2021 2:01 PM | Anonymous

Yesterday started with the mantra ‘Don’t look down’ and within seconds of arriving at the I360 on Brighton seafront it quickly changed to ‘Don’t look up’.

No wonder it’s reported as the highest controlled descent in the UK, the structure affectionately known as The Donut is sky-scraping, with 531ft of sheer drop! Thoughts immediately turned to ‘I’m the Donut here, for agreeing to do this on behalf of Lancing Business Park!’

No time for second thoughts though as both Lancing & Sompting Food Bank and Care for Veterans are facing a very hard winter and need all the support they can get. Numbers needing the support of the Food Bank have soared recently and the Food Bank are concern how they will meet this year’s demand. The current economic climate has resulted in a major drop in donations for Care for Veterans, leaving a very worrying hole in their budget and concern over how they will continue to provide all their services for our dear veterans.

Greeted by Martin Bloomfield of Seaside Creative Ltd, who kindly agreed to photograph the event for posterity and a whole raft of supporters offering stiff drinks to set me on the way. Unfortunately having to rain check the drink offers until after, as definitely needed a clear head to embark on this adventure (ok honestly, the event had a strict no alcohol policy and couldn’t risk jeopardizing the funding).

After a day of awful rain, the clouds disappeared and the wind dropped to provide the most perfect clear night, with no excuse not to descend. Matt Clifton-Bowley from UK Pick & Pack and I joined the fourteen other adventures on the long journey to the top. We both agreed that going first would be a foolish move, especially considering the previous event delay whilst safety equipment was sourced from Germany. We watched as the first descended, grateful to be slightly later in the proceedings.

Matt took the leap ahead of me with real confidence, which helped settle my concerns. Pure concentration required to ensure that my accident-prone nature did not surface and to conquer the initial emergence from the pod. I must say I’m not keen to ever do that bit again, as I swung like a rag doll at 531ft from the ground, very proud not to have screamed and to quickly have regained control! Then onto the descent, which was breathtaking, emerging from the clouds to witness the beauty of Brighton’s illuminated skyline. Halfway down even managing to release my desperate grip on the rope, to wave at the spectators below.

It was all going so well until the ground approached quicker than expected, leaving me as the only abseiler to land on their bum! Oh well, I tried my best!


To view a video of the descent please click here

And then to quickly pass our learnings to Alex Pulford of Sussex Transport, who stepped into the breach at the last minute to fill a vacant slot in the preceding group. ‘Empty your pockets, it’s important that you focus when instructed how to emerge from the pod and try your hardest to hide that you’ve drunk a couple of pints!’ Well done Alex, you descended like a star!

I’m still in shock that I actually did it and very proud to represent LBP in helping to raise £1,984, to be shared by these two worthwhile local charities. LBP and myself would like to say a huge thank you to the following businesses for their kind donations and as always for the wonderful support of my family and friends:

For further information or to donate please click here

Many thanks

Suzy Bastable, BID Manager for Lancing Business Park

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