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As the impressive Bidfood development in Chartwell Road is now complete, LBP has been working with Adur and Worthing Council Services to improve the cleanliness of the roads and pavements on the business park. Adur and Worthing Council regularly dispatch a road sweeper around the park, but unfortunately due to the success of the park there are always plenty of vehicles parked on-street, making access for cleaning difficult 

LBP has been working with businesses and Adur and Worthing Council's Abandoned Vehicles Officer to clear the park of as many vehicles as possible, ready for the 2018 LBP BIG Clean, which took place on 9th September 2018. LBP would like to say thank you to all the businesses and staff for supporting these works and leaving the business park almost clear on the day to enable a deep clean to take place.

LBP has also been working with private landlords and managing agents on the park to enable the inclusion of Winston Business Center, Peter Road and Peter Road Car Park in the 2018 LBP Big Clean. 

Our final thank you must go to the cleaning team who diligent worked from 6.30am on the Sunday morning, to make the most of the clear roads. Below is a team photo of the only break of the day and includes Mike Nea of CJS Landscapes and Adur & Worthing Council's Franz, Wayne and Herbie. Thank you guys!

As the LBP Big Clean took place so early on a Sunday to avoid inconvenience, we videoed the whole event so members can see first hand all the hard work LBP commissioned on their behalf. Please click on the images below to view the video of the road that you are interested in:







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