The 2018 LBP Business Survey highlighted numerous highway issues across the business park. LBP has been working with businesses to resolve these issues, along with additional highway issues that have been raised since the survey. LBP have now recorded 50 highway issues to date, which we have been working with partners, businesses and landlords to resolve.

LBP are pleased to confirm that 14 highway issues have been resolved so far, such as:

  • Drainage issues in Commerce Way and Blenheim Road
  • Removing abandoned vehicles and advertising vehicles from the business park
  • Relocating a business operation to avoid public danger
  • Addressing speeding issues and driving on the pavement
  • Taking action to prevent dangerous driving
  • Cleaning the road surface to avoid damage to cars

Please click here to see more details of the highway issues resolved so far.

LBP has also been working extensively on the remaining 36 highway issues, meeting with West Sussex Highways to discuss each issue and obtain advice on how to best approach these issues. As a result,  LBP have concluded that a full review of the double yellow lines across the business park is essential to solving many of the issues. 

Please click here to see details of the 36 issues we are currently working on

On the 29th May 2019 Damian Pulford - LBP Chairman met with Cllr. Ann Bridges our Local Member for the County Local Committee, along with Mandy Bridson- LBP Director and Suzy Bastable - LBP BID Manager.

The County Local Committee have the difficult role of prioritising Traffic Regulation Order Requests and determining which two requests are implemented in Adur each year. A Traffic Regulation Order is required to enable any changes to a public highway e.g. double yellow line changes.

Cllr. Bridges was given a tour of the business park to demonstrate the enormity of the park, how successful the park has become, the huge number of daily traffic movements and the highways issues the business park is currently facing. Cllr. Bridges left the meeting with a full understanding of the contribution the business park makes to the local economy and the constraints that are currently restricting business growth.

To resolve many of the highway issues on the business park it will be essential to strategically assess these issues on a whole business park basis and to consolidate solutions across the business park. It is envisaged that some double yellow lines will need to be removed and others added, along with the creation of HGV loading bays with stopping time restrictions, whilst balancing the need for on-street car parking spaces. This will be a difficult and lengthy process, but LBP are committed to finding the best solutions for the business park.

LBP would like to start the process by ensuring that all highways issues have been captured prior to any action being taken and are therefore launching our:

2019 LBP Highways Consultation. 

We are calling all LBP businesses that are currently experiencing highways issues on the business park, to please click here and review the highways issues already recorded, to see if your issue has been captured. If your highway issue has not been captured, please could you email details to suzy@lancingbusinesspark.co.uk by close of play on:

Friday 28th June 2019

Once the 2019 LBP Highways Consultation has closed and all highway issues have been captured, LBP will consolidate the information and prepare a 2019 Double Yellow Line Review Plan, which will be displayed at the LBP AGM on Wednesday 17th July 2019.

More details of the LBP AGM will be released soon.





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