5 Rings provides a wide range of essential business support services to SME’s. Our core services are; IT, Telecoms, Marketing, Energy, and Security. We have a reputation for being approachable and responsive.

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All of our solutions are specifically designed, delivered and supported by us, for you. You’ll receive pragmatic advice that makes sense commercially, technically and operationally.

The IT and Telecoms industry is awash with complicated technical jargon, but it doesn’t have to be this way. We will guide you through the issues faced by your business and recommend appropriate, cost-effective solutions.

Why 5 Rings?

Our core customer base is medium-sized organisations. Often these businesses are owner managed reflecting the cultural values we hold dear. Customer service is one of these core values and something many large corporates forget.

Our approach to meeting client needs is simple:

  • ·         We Listen
  • ·         We Understand
  • ·         We Design
  • ·         We Deliver
  • ·         We Support

What can 5 Rings offer your business?


Whether you require advice on Cloud support, Servers, Cyber Security, Backup and Recovery or IT strategy, we place you in control of your IT. We appraise your needs and provide responsive and pragmatic support. Unlike other IT companies, we will ensure you have an understanding and control of your software and hardware.


Staying connected is essential to every business. Phones, computers, mobiles and servers all need to work efficiently, allowing staff, remote workers and customers to seamlessly communicate with each other. Resilient products and solutions are vital, something we have been delivering since formation.


We provide a results focused support service to SMEs. Our knowledge of how different aspects of marketing combine together to generate results is where we add value to our clients. Our approach is strategic, technology driven, and results driven.


We match your needs against a supplier matrix to find the best price for your business. Once we have found the most suitable and cost-effective suppliers, we negotiate directly with them to drive down their prices even further. Most of our competitors do this with a small selection of suppliers. We do it with all the suppliers so you can be confident that the prices we offer are the best.


We supply tailored security solutions to SMEs on any budget. Whether you need Access Control, Time and Attendance Tracking, CCTV or Intruder Alarms, we’ll help you protect what really matters and get to know your business, designing a solution that works for you.

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