Worthing Churches Homeless Project Homelessness Event - Friday 10th March

09 March 2017 10:35 AM | Tracie Davey

Worthing Churches Homeless Project Homelessness Event - Friday 10th March

Worthing Churchess Homeless Project are holding a Homelessness Event tomorrow, Friday, 10th March 2017 in the Richmond Room at Worthing Assembly Hall. 

With a mix of councillors, community representatives, local business people and colleagues from Worthing Homes, Worthing Churches Homeless Projects and Adur and Worthing councils, the aim of the event is to have a discussion at local level about the ‘housing crisis’ that we are hearing about in the national news.

We are aware that there are increasing demands for housing of all tenures but particularly for those on very low incomes. The event is to see if we can come together to resolve or highlight potential solutions to the problems and move forward as a community, as we are aware that continuing to do what has always been done is unlikely to prove successful.

The main event begins at 2pm with refreshments and arrival taking place from 1.45pm. The session will finish at 4pm with an opportunity for you to stay on and network should you wish to.

If you would like to attend would like to come, please email Suzanne ( snewman@worthing-homes.org.uk ) 

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