Can you help Scope??

13 December 2012 10:57 AM | Tracie Davey
Scope is a well known charity who assist people of all ages to overcome their disabilities and try and help them to lead a normal life.  One aspect of their work is to try and find workplaces both for work experience and also full time employment, and if you feel that you can offer either of these, Scope would like to hear from you.

Following your initial call Scope will send a representative to view your premises and discuss with you if it is suitable to progress further.  They will arrange free work trials so you can see if the individual is right for the role by letting them do the job for a few days, and then if both parties are happy seek to make the arrangement permanent.  They will continue to offer support for both the employer and employee for as long as it is necessary.
If you feel that your company can offer a position, please call Liz Byrne on 07854 704816 or the office on 01273 622434

Your call could make a significant difference to the life of another.  Please think about it.

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